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Be seen by customers with Allegro Ads

Starting to sell on Allegro? Or maybe you have been selling for some time, but the results are below your expectations? Are you tired of competing on price? Do you want what you offer to be noticed by potential customers? By working with us, you get to see a concrete and measurable return on your investment. See how we work and take your sales to the next level.

We improve results through an audit

If you already sell on Allegro, we start by analysing your current Allegro Ads campaigns. This allows us to eliminate possible errors and suggest changes that lower the CPC and increase ROAS. So far we have audited over 80 campaigns, increasing sales for our clients’ accounts by an average of 120%.

We reduce advertising costs and increase sales

In Allegro Ads campaigns, you pay per click, i.e. only when a user goes to the page showing what you offer. The final cost of such an action is affected not only by the declared amount per click (maximum CPC), but also by the quality of the ad. We create catchy ads, tailored to your customer profile, so you can start earning more with a smaller budget.

Case Studies

Producent AGD / Kielce

Nortberg to polska marka okapach kuchennych wyróżniająca się na rynku nowoczesnością i unikalnym designem. Od wielu lat skutecznie wspieramy jej rozwój w ekosystemie sprzedażowym Allegro. Odpowiadamy za stałe prowadzenie i monitoring kampanii Allegro ADS oraz wszystkich ofert w serwisie. Efekty mówią same za siebie.

+ 331 %
Wzrost wartości sprzedaży na Allegro
Q1 2020 a Q1 2021
+ 32 %
Wzrost średniej wartości koszyka Allegro Q1 2020 a Q1 2021
1400 %
Średnia wartość ROAS
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